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Joey Purp – Girls ft. Chance The Rapper

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Hold up. Chance still isn’t done? What is he doing, taking a victory lap or something?  This brand new track called “Girls” by Joey Purp, featuring Chance, is pretty awesome.  In this one, Knox Fortune provides a great beat for Joey Purp to give us very catchy, and danceable lyrics, and for Chance to add a verse that does not fail to impress.  Also, as expected, each artist included in this track are Chicago natives.  Check it out.

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Flume – Skin Leaked


After a tantalizingly long wait, though not without bursts of excitement through the releases of ‘Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)‘, ‘Smoke and Retribution (feat. Vince Staples and Kučka)‘, ‘Wallfuck’ and ‘Say It (feat. Tove Lo)’, the announcement of a world tour, and a final album tracklist, Skin is finally here (kinda). The album officially comes out next Friday, May 27th, but 2 minute portions of most of the songs have been leaked online. As a longtime Flume fan, I’m excited to report that the songs on this album are not all as catchy and mainstream as the first four and that Flume truly does have a knack for collaborating with songwriters. The sound is simultaneously reminiscent of his first album and pushes the boundaries of future bass in general. ‘Tiny Cities (feat. Beck)’ features a signature Flume drop, ‘Pika’ is airy and gentle, even better than it sounds on the album preview, ‘Like Water (feat. MNDR)’ is a heady combination of lyrics and production. In short, Skin proves to be well worth the wait. Seeing Flume (and his adorable new mustache) during his extensive upcoming world tour is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience this festival season.

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Jon Bellion – Guillotine (Music Video)

Jon Bellion, an extremely talented artist, song writer, and producer, releases a music video for his most recent song, “Guillotine.”  This will be another track found on his upcoming album, “The Human Condition,” which is due to release on June 10th.  The song is already great, but the addition of a quality visual to it only makes it better.  This track only gets me more and more excited for what’s to come on June 10th.  Give it a listen.

If you are not familiar with Jon Bellion, I highly recommend checking out his SoundCloud or YouTube page to see more of what this guy has to offer.


Chance The Rapper – Grown Ass Kid (Ft. Mick Jenkins & Alex Wiley)

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Just when you thought Chance The Rapper‘s masterpiece of an album, “Coloring Book,” was all that you were going to hear, another track got leaked that was not featured on the project.  “Grown Ass Kid” is a song that matches the theme of Chance 3 perfectly, which makes me really surprised that it was not found on the album.  It also features Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley, who are from Chicago as well.  Just another amazing/inspiring/genius track to add the the list.  Check it out and grab the free download.

Pop, Vibes

Bryce Vine – Best Days

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Coming in hot off of his recently released mixtape, “Night Circus,” Bryce Vine comes out with another song called, “Best Days.”  Nothing but good, Summer vibes come from this track that is basically all about having a great time.  I love the attitude that Bryce brings to the table with his songs.  He makes it extremely difficult to be left dissatisfied after listening to every song he comes out with.  Give this new one a listen and make sure to grab the free download.

Electro, Future Bass

Marshmello – Alone

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Marshmello continues to make great music, and it has caused him to start to really blow up this year.  He has such a unique and recognizable style, and he uses that to create another big track called, “Alone.”  He uses minimal vocals/lyrics as he typically does in his productions, and he continues to prove that he doesn’t even need to incorporate words to make a quality song that gets a crowd up and moving.  Give it a listen.


Futuristic & The Janes – Can’t Stop The Feeling (Remix)

Futuristic continues his streak of one-take remixes with The Janes to Justin Timberlake’s great new song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” The Janes provide amazing vocals to add to Futuristic’s verse that he goes in on.  The tone of the original song is extremely happy, and Futurstic does a great job of adding a verse that matches that theme and exhibits his impressive lyricism as well.  Check it out.

Hip-Hop/Rap, Tropical, Tropical House

Skizzy Mars – Alcoholics (Fareoh Remix)

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In this remix, Fareoh decides to take an unexpected approach to Skizzy Mars original track, “Alcoholics.”  I have been listening to “Alcoholics” ever since it came out, and I have never thought to myself that an acoustic version of it would sound great.  Fareoh got really creative with this song choice. The acoustic production mixed with the Tropical House drop is awesome.  Props to Fareoh on this one.  Check it out and make sure to grab the free download.

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Mike Posner – At Night, Alone. (Album)

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Mike Posner has finally followed up and dropped his Sophomore album, “At Night, Alone.”  This is a much different Mike Posner than the one we saw in his Freshman album,  “31 Minutes To Takeoff.”  In this album, his musical style completely changes, as he moves to more of an acoustic approach instead of his more up-beat, electronic style that he used before.  It is much deeper, and full of meaning and truth about him confronting his past drug addiction, and basically how he’s washed up compared to the fame he achieved when he was making music back then on drugs.  He features originals and remixes to his songs, to create a solid album comprised of 18 tracks.  It is a very interesting album to say the least.  I would definitely give it a listen, especially if you have been a Mike Posner fan and you appreciate his work as an artist.


The Game – Mama (feat. Sonyae)

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The Game recently came out with an awesome track this past week that is dedicated to his mom, and the other hard-working, loving moms out there.  It only makes sense that this track was released so close to Mother’s Day.  The Game not only raps real, meaningful lyrics about his mom and how much she means to him, but also mentions Tupac’s mom, who recently died earlier this month.  You can’t not appreciate a song like this.  Check it out.